Wisconsin Massage Clinic, LLC

Our clinical massage therapy sessions are designed to treat the needs of the client and the client's body. Ours is a therapeutic approach that can include a variety of modalities, lubricants, heat/cold therapies, and pressures.

In order to get a better understanding of your issues, we may move (or ask you to move) your head, arms, or legs. At the same time we will be observing or feeling to determine if something is not working the way it should. For example, if we move your arm and your shoulder blade doesn't move the way we expect it to, we will suspect that two muscles that are supposed to slide over each other have become stuck and don't slide. Our findings direct our therapeutic approach.

Further, if we eliminate the tightness and painfulness of a muscular structure and the tightness and pain keep coming back, we will ask questions. We may be interested in what you do for a living or hobbies - tasks you do repetitively that might cause that tightness.

What makes such assessments interesting and challenging is that pain in one place (say the outside of your arm) can be caused by a "trigger point" elsewhere (in this case on the top of your shoulder). A trigger point is a tender spot in a taut band of muscle. You might call it a "knot" and to us it might feel like a BB or a frozen pea embedded in the muscle. The predictable referred pain pattern and shortening of the affected muscle are clues for us. Depending on the location of the trigger point, we have several ways to get rid of it.

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